Our Privacy Policy applies to personal information collected by barter-spot.com, which pertains to information or opinions that identify individuals. We comply with GDPR regulations and regularly update our policies. To provide our products, services, and support, we collect personal information through various platforms. Some user-generated content may not be considered personal information, but it could still be linked to it. Our policies do not govern personal information provided unintentionally or through unapproved channels. Personal information collected through external platforms, such as social media, is subject to their respective privacy policies.


Personal Information Collection


We may request or process the following personal information from users: account, contact, and location details, identity verification, financial information, user-generated content, and information from other sources. We may also collect personal information from connected accounts on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google, subject to this Privacy Policy. Users can revoke access by removing our permissions on other platforms or contacting our support team.


Information Collected During Your Use of Our Service


We keep records of user interactions, including product usage and customer support provided. We may passively collect GPS coordinates with user permission for certain services. Personal information intrinsic to communication may also be collected when users contact us.


Links to Third-Party Websites


We provide links to third-party websites, including user-generated content. We are not liable for their actions, so please review their terms of service and privacy policies before sharing your personal information.


Use of Personal Information


We use personal information to provide services, support, and respond to enquiries. We also promote other programs, comply with legal obligations, and improve our platforms. We process data lawfully and use automated decision making to rank ads and recommend ads based on user-generated content, activity, and outcome analysis.


Sharing Personal Information


Personal information may be shared with third-party providers outside the EU by us, such as cloud hosting, SMS, payment, banking, marketing, analytics, and security providers. These providers are contracted to use information only under our guidance. We are not responsible for these apps, which have their own privacy policies, but users can revoke access via their settings. Personal data may also be disclosed to third parties for legal or service-related reasons, with consent or when required by law enforcement.


Accessing, Correcting, or Downloading Your Personal Information


You can request access to your personal information held by barter-spot.com. We will provide this information within a reasonable time, at no charge, unless an exception applies. You can also update all personal information through user settings or contact customer support for help. You have a number of other rights in relation to the personal data barter-spot.com holds about you, including seeking human review of automated decision-making or profiling, opting out of direct marketing and profiling for marketing, erasure, and temporary restriction of processing.


Exercising Your Other Entitlements


You hold a variety of other entitlements regarding the personal data retained by barter-spot.com about you, nevertheless, certain constraints on how you can exercise these entitlements may exist. This is largely due to the nature of the products and services we offer. A significant amount of data we gather is to facilitate agreements between users and provide protection for the authentic users of our platform. These data purposes are safeguarded from the below entitlements.



Erasure – Some of personal information and user-generated content cannot be removed as they are utilized to sustain agreements between users, document financial transactions, and are employed to protect other legitimate users of the marketplace. In the event of non-personal data that can be linked to personal data, it will either be erased or anonymised from the personal data when the user decides to delete their data on barte-spot.com.

Temporary constraint to processing – under specific circumstances, you may exercise this entitlement, especially if you believe that the personal data we possess is incorrect, or you believe that we do not have valid grounds for processing your information.